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The number of followers can be increased by bots, but the score will show you the real quality of the community.

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Every day, we find 30+ projects at their earliest stages in different areas like NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, and more.

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In the two years since our launch, we have achieved amazing results in analyzing crypto Twitter accounts


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We collect and analyze a huge amount of data on crypto Twitter so you can make profits. All social media insights in one place
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Instantly assess the reliability of any crypto Twitter accounts and safeguard against scams, while discovering and comparing the popularity of emerging projects.

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Uncover early-stage crypto projects with high potential for profit and secure early bird rewards before everyone else.

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Keep an eye on the crypto industry's key opinion leaders, projects, and crypto funds to find out who are interested in project.

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Filter out scam accounts with our bot detection system and updates on changes to Twitter account details like handles, descriptions, and name.

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Find out which projects are attracting the attention of cryptocurrency funds, allowing you to become part of them even before funding rounds go public.


The true social capital and the indicator of your influence on X is tweetscout score for sure > Amount of followers does not mean anything, can be botted, low-quality etc > Twitterscore has an awful scale and works only for huge accounts Tweetscout is my fav, flex your score in comments


As a BD working in Web3, using this one Tool will save you more than 1 Hr. @TweetScout_io will help you to scout projects on Twitter. Based on just certain Keywords you can research good Influencers and projects in the industry. I figured out this tool a day back and now I am almost ready with a good number of projects on my list.

Ayush Panchmiya


I used tweetcout it made me surprised and interesting I really liked it!


I'm still playing with your fantastic platform and so far it's been an amazing experience!


I have been using it for about a week somewhere, I was very lucky that I won the giveaway. I can say that it is very convenient to use, and I won’t say that I often write feedback on something, but I just couldn’t resist, I liked Tweetscout too much.

sosa bby

Took a look and my first impression is that it is amazing. It helps you sort through the jungle of accounts. I felt that I immediately wanted to find the high scores with few followers in order to have an opportunity at being early but saw that you had that as a section so that is great.


P.S. Back from private! Btw suggest using @TweetScout_io for X, very cool for checking legitimacy of accounts 👀

Officer's Notes


Love your early project section got one 10x for a small bag 😁



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Get info on crypto accounts

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Cheaper than Twitter API

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TweetScout Score, and how is it calculated?

The TweetScout Score is a rating system for crypto-related Twitter accounts. It factors in the number and influence of well-known crypto personalities, projects, and fund employees following the account, resulting in a higher score for more influential accounts.

How does TweetScout find new crypto projects, including NFTs and DeFi?

TweetScout uses proprietary algorithms and AI to detect early stage crypto-related accounts, staying up-to-date with the rapidly evolving crypto landscape to identify emerging projects.

How can TweetScout's analytics help me avoid scam projects and make better decisions in the crypto space?

By analyzing an account's follower count and TweetScout Score, you can gauge the level of interest from influential figures in the crypto community. A low score despite a high follower count may indicate a lack of genuine interest or potential bot manipulation.

Can I use TweetScout to analyze my own Twitter account's influence in the crypto community?

Yes! With TweetScout, you can track influential crypto community members following your account and potentially engage in networking opportunities

What are the benefits of a TweetScout Premium subscription?

A TweetScout Premium subscription grants you full access to our advanced analytics and constantly updated list of new crypto projects, ensuring you never miss a promising opportunity.

How often is the data on TweetScout updated?

Data on TweetScout is updated several times a day, with ongoing efforts to speed up the process and eventually provide real-time updates.

Who can benefit from using TweetScout?

TweetScout is valuable for anyone interested in the crypto world! It helps users discover new projects and avoid scams, NFT traders track real community engagement, DeFi users find promising protocols, project founders monitor social media growth and analyze competitors, and collab managers identify early-stage projects for potential partnerships.